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My grandmother (Nana) passed away in October of 2008 and her 1,380 sq ft house was inherited by my dad and uncle. Since they weren’t ready to sell it and we were looking for the opportunity to move back home, it was decided we could move in. Joshua and I officially moved in at the end of May 2009, and it took us roughly four months to get everything re-painted and up-to-date. We lived there until September 2012 once we bought our own home.

hidden litter box


Trying an IKEA Hack with the Litter Box

We’re coming up on one year of having our sweet puppy Tucker. We’ve definitely had our challenges with him, everything from getting him potty trained to keeping him out of the cats things. The only problem we have been having with him lately is him getting into the litter box. He likes to do this… Read more »

The garage in our second rental #thelovelygeek


Project Garage Day 3

Yesterday I was finally able to put my side of the garage back together. I also painted the trim around the door, put together a little one-door ClosetMaid organizer, did some touch-up painting and cleaned. Everything is back in order, but I’m still fiddling with the arrangement. The next step with the garage is to… Read more »

Project Garage Day 2


Project Garage Day 2

After I finished painting yesterday I put together a big shopping list which I took with me to Lowe’s this morning. I got some more paint supplies, paint for the shelf, patching tools, and electrical stuff. I patched up the two holes in the wall, and while that was drying I began painting the shelf…. Read more »

project garage day 1


Day 1 of Project Garage

Ever since we moved in two years ago the garage got put on the back-burner, and lately it has been rather frustrating to find anything or navigate through it. Seeing as I am on my summer break, I decided today I would tackle the garage, especially since the weather cooled down a bit. I had… Read more »

New guest bath sink


The Hallway Bath

On Wednesday my uncle (and landlord) came over to begin work on the bathrooms starting with the guest bathroom in the hallway. Up until Wednesday it looked like this: It has always smelled rather foul under the guest bath sink, so not too long ago I tried tackling the problem by swapping out the nasty… Read more »

Organizing a Dresser for Guests #thelovelygeek


Organizing a Dresser for Guests

A couple days ago I was cleaning the guest room and decided it was time to tackle the dresser in there. Since last year it’s been storage for wedding-related items, travel stuff, and other miscellaneous shenanigans. I finally purged the drawers so the only things in there are guest-related items. For starters, I dumped everything… Read more »

New vanity and sink for the ensuite shower room


Full Remodel Soon

Remember when we got our master bathroom semi-remodeled? It’s now turning into a full remodel. Here’s what my uncle (one of our landlords) brought over today! We’re also looking at a new sink for the guest bathroom too! Eeeee so excited!

Under the kitchen sink organization


Under the Kitchen Sink

When we first moved into our rental home, we replaced the garbage disposal; however it had some overflow issues that we just never got around to fixing. The guy that did our shower was nice enough to get that fixed for us a couple days ago, but in the process some NASTY liquid debris made… Read more »

complete ensuite shower room


The Bathroom is Complete!

It’s finally done! Tomorrow we can officially use the shower! What started as simply needing a new shower turned into new flooring and new toilets. Here’s the finished result! Before – when my grandma lived here: After #1: During: After #2: You can see all the pictures of the bathroom on Flickr!