My Current Office Set-Up

Our shared home office space

As I promised I have some updated pictures of the office room.

The Star Wars shelf hasn’t changed too much other than the gradual addition of new figurines.

Our Office

Joshua’s side:

Our Office

Joshua keeps his pimped out desktop strictly for gaming and my occasional web site testing. We invested in a couple MICKE drawer units from IKEA to keep our printing stuff organized. The ANTONIUS units I used to have in here are scattered throughout the house in different closets.

My side:

Our Office

The last time I posted pictures of my office I still had the BookArc, but once I discovered the Henge Dock I signed up on the wait-list to get one. It’s such a great dock! I also moved my double dock to the docking station in the entryway and made use of my old-school Apple dock plus snagging an extra dock for my iPad. I have my pretty new Apple lamp on there too.

Our Office

I also updated my space on WHEREWEDOWHATWEDO.

[EDIT] We also won Workspace of the Week on Unclutterer!

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Love the green on your walls. And that Star Wars cabinet is pure genius – I’m not usually one to favor action figures on display, but you’ve done it in such a classy way that I’m totally digging it!

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