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My grandmother (Nana) passed away in October of 2008 and her 1,380 sq ft house was inherited by my dad and uncle. Since they weren’t ready to sell it and we were looking for the opportunity to move back home, it was decided we could move in. Joshua and I officially moved in at the end of May 2009, and it took us roughly four months to get everything re-painted and up-to-date. We lived there until September 2012 once we bought our own home.

Our shared home office space


No More Green Room

During my dad’s summer break (he’s a teacher) he decided to make our current home his summer project and tackle anything that needed to be done on it. We’ve gotten a few things taken care of around the house such as a new water heater, new air vents in the master bedroom and dining room,… Read more »

New Office Setup


Updated Desk Area

I finally got the rest of my computer-related things on my new desk. It only took me a month! 😛 One of the things I love about my new desk is it has a built-in shelf behind it, which is big enough for me to keep my Macbook Pro on my BookArc in there. Gives… Read more »

danish desk dining room


A New Office Set-Up

Oh hai, it has been awhile, hasn’t it? I went from having a very stressful quarter to getting really sick to starting my last quarter of school ever which is bound to become stressful real soon. What can you do? I’ve learned to just go with it, reminding myself it’s almost over. Meanwhile, I got… Read more »

homemade dressings


Weekend Findings

Saturday I did a wide variety of shopping. I went to the mall to use the pile of birthday coupons from various retailers that I acquired this month, and I went grocery shopping in which I bought a case of canning jars in addition to actual groceries. What did I do with the canning jars?… Read more »

updated master bath


Completed Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is finally done! My uncle worked his booty off getting the vanity and sink put in, which is what finally completed the bathroom. Before This is what the bathroom looked like when my grandma was alive. This photo was taken just before we were getting ready to clean out her house shortly… Read more »

Updated guest bathroom sink


Updates on the Bathrooms

In bathroom news, the guest bath is finally done. After my uncle put the first sink in, it ended up not working out due to a manufacturing defect; since it was special ordered, he ended up just returning it and getting a completely different one. The plumbing accessories that came with it were causing a… Read more »