Guest Bathroom Finished!

Guest Bathroom: Before and After

What a transformation! We went from this…


To this…

Guest Bathroom

I fought rather hard with this bathroom, mainly because of it being so small. I wanted to go with a spa/bamboo/teak theme because it’s the only bathroom I’d be relaxing in due to the nice bathtub. I had wanted to get a bamboo spacesaver to go over the toilet, and the only one I could find was one from Bed, Bath, and Beyond; I discovered it was only available online which meant I couldn’t use any of my coupons, so I decided to pass.

My next choice was the MOLGER Shelving Unit from IKEA, but after putting it together it ended up being a bit overpowering for such a small bathroom. I disassembled it, returned it, and instead I bought the MOLGER Hook Rack.

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom

The shower curtain I found by accident while browsing through a random clearance shelf at Target. It was on sale for $5 so naturally I jumped on that. It works nice with the rest of the theme! The inside of the shower is in very nice condition despite having a 70’s style to it. The tub is bigger than the previous one I had at the duplex and in much better condition; I’m actually not afraid to take a bath in it!

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom

The light fixture and cabinet was from Lowe’s. We got the same ones (bigger though) for the master bathroom because you can pretty much do any kind of style around mirrors. The tissue holder my Nana had, so I hung onto that. The plant and the “Relax” wall art are both from Ross. You really can’t go wrong with places like Ross or Marshall’s since everything is such a good deal!

Guest Bathroom

I am beyond ecstatic to finally have one room 100% completely finished. The rest of the rooms (not including the dining room and kitchen) are about 90% finished, meaning I’m still needing to add wall art, pillows, etc. before I am satisfied.

Guest Bathroom Mood Board

  1. IKEA MOLGER Hook Rack
  2. ESTATE by RSI 24″ Bevel Tri-view Mirror Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet
  3. Crate and Barrel Bamboo Tissue Cover
  4. Crate and Barrel Bamboo Soap Pump
  5. Target Botanical Shower Curtain

Speaking of bathrooms, I received word that the bathroom at our old place is currently demolished and undergoing serious reconstruction. My mom has been staying with my grandparents since Father’s Day, and has been helping get the duplex situated for the new tenants. I met them on Saturday, and they’re a super nice family! I’m excited to see what they do with the place!