Trying an IKEA Hack with the Litter Box

hidden litter box

We’re coming up on one year of having our sweet puppy Tucker. We’ve definitely had our challenges with him, everything from getting him potty trained to keeping him out of the cats things. The only problem we have been having with him lately is him getting into the litter box. He likes to do this when we’re not home, and a couple times I’ve caught him trying to do this while he thinks I am in another room.

I did some research, and the only way to keep him out of the box is to put it out of reach. We had to do this too with the cat food, and the solution was to get a really tall scratching post to put the food on top of. Not so easy to do with a litter box. ????

One of my favorite web sites, IKEA Hackers, featured a couple of litter box hacks, so I decided to do the Flåren cabinet hack.

Here’s what the hack looks like from their site:

IKEA Flaren Litter Box Hack #ikeahackers

It looked pretty easy and simple enough to do. We went to IKEA, picked up the Flåren cabinet and then stopped at PetSmart to grab the cat door. Joshua would say that the most difficult part of it all was cutting through the cabinet to put the door in. Other than that it was easy!

We put the cabinet in the kitchen where the old litter box used to be. It actually fits in quite nicely with the decor, and it’s another surface we can use to put things on it.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

The only bummer about this is I had to say goodbye to the cute booda dome box, but on the flip side we have this lovely cabinet that hides everything and keeps litter off the floor. It also keeps Tucker out of trouble!