The Hallway Bath

New guest bath sink

On Wednesday my uncle (and landlord) came over to begin work on the bathrooms starting with the guest bathroom in the hallway. Up until Wednesday it looked like this:

New Toilet!

It has always smelled rather foul under the guest bath sink, so not too long ago I tried tackling the problem by swapping out the nasty old contact paper and cleaning it up. It didn’t work despite me putting a box of baking soda underneath. Not only did we have a weird smell, but something appeared to be disintegrating, which turned out to be old plumber’s putty. A new sink was definitely in order.

What we thought was going to be a fairly easy process turned out to be a little more complicated because the walls in the guest bath are not square. My uncle has had to do some improvising with getting the sink and countertop to fit just right.

Replacing the Sink

Replacing the Sink

In addition to that there appears to be a manufacture defect with the sink itself causing some leakage underneath. Here’s hoping replacing the sink and vanity in the master bathroom will prove to be a little easier than this (the walls ARE square in that one).

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