Under the Kitchen Sink

Under the kitchen sink organization

When we first moved into our rental home, we replaced the garbage disposal; however it had some overflow issues that we just never got around to fixing. The guy that did our shower was nice enough to get that fixed for us a couple days ago, but in the process some NASTY liquid debris made a wee bit of a mess under the sink. This caused a horrible smell in my kitchen, so I began clearing stuff out.

Organizing Under the Sinks

At first, this whole thing just started out as finding and getting rid of the smell. I cleared everything out, including an old kitchen rug that was soaked with the smelly debris. After everything was out I went to town with a sponge and Mrs. Meyers Surface Scrub. Sprayed some air freshener and before I knew it every thing was clean and smelled good!

Organizing Under the Sinks

Upon clearing everything out I figured there’s no time like the present to do some organizing. After all, in both my last rental house and this one I never gave the under-the-kitchen-sink area any TLC.

I headed over to Pinterest and Flickr to do some research. I also Googled “under the kitchen sink,” and every once in awhile a picture of a spider would pop up due to someone finding it under their sink. Eeek!

Under the sink - Photo from Maillardville Manor
Photo from Maillardville Manor
Under the sink photo from Merillat Marketing
Photo from Merillat Marketing
Under the kitchen sink photo from Decor Chick
Photo from Decor Chick
Under the kitchen sink photo from Sustainably Chic Designs
Photo from Sustainably Chic Designs

Next I went out to do some shopping. First I snagged some super-cute contact paper from Target, and then I got my cabinet pull-out drawers from Lowe’s.

Organizing Under the Sinks

Organizing Under the Sinks

Since I had a similar situation with my guest bathroom (under the sink has a weird smell thanks to disintegrating plumbers putty), I decided to tackle that as well!

Organizing Under the Sinks

First I removed the NASTY contact paper that was already in there, and then I went to town again with Mrs. Meyers!

Organizing Under the Sinks

Gross, huh? I got another drawer from Lowe’s and voila! Organization!

Organizing Under the Sinks


Fabulous work! Doesn’t it feel so good to have a tidy and useable under-sink space? I have rented all too many places where I have had to peel off that old, icky type of contact paper…thanks for that reminder 🙂

BTW, I LOVE your website design. It is fab.

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