Completed Master Bathroom

updated master bath

The master bathroom is finally done! My uncle worked his booty off getting the vanity and sink put in, which is what finally completed the bathroom.


This is what the bathroom looked like when my grandma was alive. This photo was taken just before we were getting ready to clean out her house shortly after she passed away.

Master Bath

Master Bath

After Part 1

This was shortly after we moved in. We added a fresh coat of paint, new rugs, new cabinet, and new light fixture.

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

After Part 2

What started out as shower problems turned into a semi-remodel. This included new flooring, new shower, and new toilet.

Bathroom Complete!

Bathroom Complete!

After Part 3

Adding a new sink and vanity completed the remodel of the master bathroom.

Newly Remodeled Master Bathroom

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