2019: A Year in Review

photo of joshua, cristina, and lily in apple hill

2019 was the year of Lily. From pregnancy to birth, it was all about her and my journey to motherhood. Looking back it was a year filled with many ups and downs as I navigated my emotions. I learned to slow down, say no to a lot of things, and to do what’s best for me and my growing family. I have zero regrets, and I’m looking forward to what a new year and new decade will bring.


I kicked off the New Year at my local yoga studio for a workshop on tarot cards. My friend gifted me the Many Moons Planner for Christmas which contained prompts for pulling tarot cards, so I wanted to learn what they was all about.

Tarot Card 101 Workshop

I started taking a prenatal yoga class. This was one of the many things that helped me with my pregnancy anxiety. I took the class almost weekly up until 38 weeks where at that point I was more uncomfortable than zen in the class.

I had my 8-week ultrasound of Lily at my Reproductive Endocrinologist’s office. Since my pregnancy was progressing perfectly at that point they released me to my OBGYN.

8 Weeks

Celebrated Joshua’s birthday. We had dinner on the Delta King.

Joshua's Birthday on the Delta King

We started on our master closet remodel.

My side of the master closet

Movie(s) I saw: Aquaman


I got in a minor fender-bender on the way to a doctor appointment. Everyone was fine but I was pretty shaken up by it mainly because there was so much anxiety surrounding the appointment and the fact that I was coming from a really stressful moment at work.

Lady Benz Fender-Bender

I had my 12-week ultrasound two days before my birthday and got to see my baby!

12 Week Ultrasound

I turned 32 on my birthday. My coworkers decorated my desk, my friend took me out to lunch, and of course Joshua and I went to Melting Pot for dinner.

Birthday lunch with Allison

We announced our pregnancy!

I've been a little quiet here these last few months and for good reason. Four years of #ttc and two losses later I’m excited (and nervous) to announce that I'm #pregnant with my double #rainbowbaby. 🌈🌈 We're due at the end of August. @josh

We took a road trip to WA for the weekend for Joshua’s grandfather’s memorial. He passed away two days after my birthday. Our trip home was pretty crazy as we got stuck in Oregon due to a massive snowstorm.

Participated in the Sac Ad Club’s Creative Wood event. An event for graduating students to network and find out what the professional creative industry is and how it works in a really fun way.


We had a minor scare at our 16-week ultrasound in which we couldn’t hear Lily’s heartbeat on the doppler. We had an ultrasound and everything was okay – she was just in a weird position.

16 Week Ultrasound

We had the new carpet installed thus completing out master closet remodel.

Joshua and I both got super sick! He had the flu, and luckily I only had a really nasty cold. I was out of work for three days. It hit me especially hard because of being pregnant.

My friend Allison and I went to one of the local yoga studios for their Full Moon Heated Meditation. It was a lot of fun but boy was it hot! 🔥

Movie(s) I saw: Isn’t It Romantic, Captain Marvel

Book(s) I read: The Crystal Code


We made it to the 20-week ultrasound and found out we were having a girl!

20 Weeks

Celebrated the birthday of our friend Emily with a birthday brunch!

Emily's Birthday Brunch

Joshua’s grandma was nominated to be the El Dorado County Rose, so we went to her debut party.

Joshua & I

Easter was celebrated with Joshua’s family at the farm and at my parents house.

22 weeks with the Easter Bunny

Movie(s) I saw: Avengers: Endgame


Completed the nursery for the spring One Room Challenge!

Finished Nursery

Joshua and I went back to Palm Springs for our baby moon.

Showing off the Bump at The Saguaro

Participated in Sacramento’s very first Design Week. I spoke on a panel about client and culture fit in the design industry.

We took a long weekend and ventured to San Diego to visit with Dani.

Selfie with the seester at Pigment

Ended the month sliding into my third trimester. Took my 1 hour glucose screening, had high levels and low iron so I had to go back for the 3 hour test and take an iron supplement.

B U M P D A T E // I’m officially in my 3rd trimester! Baby is the size of an 🍆! Overall I am feeling pretty good, and I’m really grateful how smooth this pregnancy has been so far. I take my glucose test tomorrow which I’m a little nervous about

Movie(s) I saw: Aladdin


Took the 3 hour glucose test and my results came back normal. Whew! I also had another ultrasound that same day (29w2d).

Lily at 29w2d

My doctor was concerned about my fluid levels so I was sent out for a more detailed ultrasound to test for polyhydramnios (31w1d). Luckily there was nothing wrong (my doctor was being extra cautious) and I got to come away with a 3D picture of Lily!

Lily at 31w1d

Spent a beautiful day in Tahoe with family.

Beautiful Day in Tahoe

This year marked four years with Three29. I FINALLY got business cards!

Celebrated 4 years at @three29media with a promotion and finally… business cards! 🎉⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #leaddesigner #designer #businesscardsdesign #uiuxdesign #creative #sacramentocreatives #three29 #sacramento

My coworkers threw a surprise baby shower for me and two others since there were three of us expecting!

Max, Me, and Svetlana

Joshua’s stepsister got married and had a Jurassic Park themed wedding.

Movie(s) I saw: Toy Story 4


My sister threw an amazing baby shower for me!


We had our maternity photoshoot and came away with some gorgeous and memorable photos.

Sneak Peek from Our Maternity Shoot

We did a Stork Tour at our hospital which allowed us to get familiar with where to go and what to do for delivery day. It was a little triggering for me because the last time I was in a hospital was for my D&E. We also took a weekend-long Great Expectations class in which we basically learned how to have a baby. 😆

Stork Tour

Went to our company event at Top Golf. At this point, I just hung out and watched everyone play as I was waaaay too pregnant to participate.

Company Event at Top Golf

We had another ultrasound just to check on things at 35w6d. We didn’t get any pictures because by then Lily was taking up so much room that it was difficult to get a good shot. Everything checked out perfectly!

Movie(s) I saw: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


I started working from home full time until Lily arrived. I also onboarded a new designer days before I left.

I had both a labor-inducing massage and prenatal massage a few days before Lily’s birth.

Had brunch with my favorite gals the day before Lily arrived.

Sister Brunch

Lily was born! She arrived 4 days after her due date.

Morning Snuggles

I had my first alcoholic beverage postpartum: a shot of tequila on the rocks. It tasted like vacation.

First postpartum alcoholic drink

Went on our first walk as a family of three.

Trying out the new stroller

Had Lily’s first checkup!

At Lily's First Checkup


Went on our first day trip to Marin and visited our old stomping grounds with Lily.

Day Trip to Marin

Lily took her first bath! She loves bath time.

Her first bath! She peed all over me right before I put here in there. 😂

Went to Creative Mornings and visited the office for the first time postpartum with Lily.

Got the new iPhone! I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max. 📱

First selfie with my new phone!

Lily turned one month old.

1 Month Old

Mr. Big turned 6 years old.

Mr. Big’s birthday pupcake


I got the all-clear at my 6-week checkup which meant I could go in the hot tub!

Enjoying my first postpartum hot tub time

Lily’s first major road trip! We went to Washington to for our annual family vacation and stayed up there for a week.

Road tripping like a champ

Had lunch in Portland with my friend Debbie.

Lunch with Debbie

Lily got to visit her first National Park.

Visiting Olympic National Park

On our way home from Washington I got to see my long-time friend Maxine and we got to meet each other’s babies!

Maxine & I with our babies

My Aunt Patty and Uncle Steve got to meet Lily.

Patty & Steve meet Lily

We had our fall family photoshoot up in Apple Hill.

Our little family

Lily turned two months old.

Lily is two months!

We took Lily to the drive-in along with my niece. It was the perfect way to see a movie with a baby!

Lily's first movie

Lily got to meet Eloise at her 1st birthday party!

Eloise Meets Lily

Lily’s first Halloween! We stayed home and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters which included Renee.

Me with my favorite girls on Halloween

Movie(s) I saw: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil


I officially left my job at Three29 to pursue full-time motherhood and freelancing. Joshua got a huge promotion at the beginning of the month which will help us financially as well.

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“Your greatest contribution may not be something you do but someone you raise.” Today this cutie turned three months old, and I'm officially kicking it with her full-time! 😍 This month I made the decision to not return to my job after maternity leave. It was such a hard choice because I am leaving behind some amazing coworkers, but I know they're going to continue to do great things. I'm so grateful for the 4 years I spent learning and growing. This isn't the end for me as a designer though! I like to think of it as the next chapter. I'm using 2020 to invest in myself and being a mom, and I'm excited about the year to come. Motherhood is the biggest job I’ve ever taken on, but it’s by far been the most rewarding. 📸 by @lovekephoto

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Joshua and I celebrated 9 years of marriage and 15 years of being together.

Today is nine years of marriage and fifteen years of doing life with my best friend. I can't imagine it any other way. ❤️

Lily and I went to my friend Chrissy’s baby shower! I got to see her and my long-time friend Kelli!

Lily and I with the Sleigh Sisters!

Lily turned turned three months old.

Gobble gobble til you wobble

We spent Lily’s first Thanksgiving watching the parade in the morning and making the rounds to the parents in the evening.

Thanksgiving with my little turkey

I got my hair cut a bit short. 😬

New haircut


Two years ago we moved into our home. Now, we have a new arrival to share it with!

Front of the house

Lily got to meet Santa!

Family photo with Santa

Spent Dani’s birthday at Henry’s Steakhouse with family and Dani’s boyfriend.

Dani’s birthday at Henry’s

Joshua and I went on our very first date post-baby! Dani was nice enough to babysit while Joshua and I went to the movies to see Star Wars.

Lily turned four months old on Christmas! We celebrated up in Washington with Joshua’s family.

Celebrated the new year in bed asleep! 🤣 We had several days of Lily waking us up between 2am and 4am, so we were pretty tired by the time New Years hit. That and we were all recovering from colds.

Movie(s) I saw: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker