My Mermaid Baby Shower

mermaid baby shower

Before Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings, my first love was mermaids. πŸ§œπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ It all started at age two when I got The Little Mermaid on VHS for Christmas. I used to put socks on my Barbies so they could be mermaids. I remember seeing Disney on Ice and yelling to Ursula, “Please change me into a mermaid!” When I was five I dressed up as Ariel for Halloween. I was obsessed!

Me as The Little Mermaid, Age 5

When it came time to pick the theme for my baby shower it wasn’t even a discussion. My sister determined “A Little Mermaid is On Her Way” was the perfect theme for celebrating my little girl. We decided to host it at my house since it’s designed for entertaining plus with the pool it’d be perfect for a summertime event.

My sister found these adorable invitations on Etsy that came with diaper raffle cards.

Baby Shower Invitations Diaper Raffle

And for the actual envelopes themselves, she hand-lettered each one.

Hand-lettered invites

The main event took place in our backyard allowing us to set up multiple tables and have plenty of room for entertaining.

Under the sea Baby Shower Setup Table decor Table decor

We had a variety of snacks that were all appropriately themed as well as gluten-free cupcakes from Pushkin’s.

Setting up for the baby shower Fish & Chips Driftwood and Sea Foam Fish bait oooh ha ha Ocean Water and Sea Tea Gluten-free cupcakes from Pushkin's Bakery!

It wouldn’t be a baby shower without some of your traditional shower games. We played “Guess the Sweet Mess” in which you had to guess which melted candy bars were in the diaper, Play-doh Babies where you created a baby out of Play-doh (I had to vote the best one), and Baby Gift Bingo where guests filled out their own bingo card of gifts they expected me to receive.

Guess the Sweet Mess All the babies people made

Guest could also fill out “Wishes For Baby” (cards from Minted) and sign the guestbook frame

Wishes for baby Guestbook frame for Lily

We had baby succulents for favors.


And we dedicated a small area of the patio as a photo booth and set up my camera with the self-timer so people could “take a shellfie.” 🐚

Backdrop for Photos Joshua with Emily, The Scotts, and The Turnbulls The Navarros & I The Miesbauers & I Me with Abby & Cameron Joshua & I with my Aunt Vera Joshua & I with Beth Joshua & I with my sister and parents Dani & Danielle Me with the Danielles

My sister did an amazing job and made the day so special. Not only did she and a few of her friends haul booty in getting everything set up but she hand-lettered almost all the decor and signs (she’s an amazing hand lettering artist over at @shewearsfloral). There was so much thought that went into every detail, and I couldn’t have asked for a better shower.

And of course, a huge thank you to everyone that attended. It warms my heart so much to know how loved my little Lily is. ❀️