Senior Project Development


This class is one of two I have to take before I graduate. I’ll be taking the other class, Senior Project Studio my last quarter. Both of these classes require us to have a real client project to work on for the whole quarter. I ended up with two clients for this class.

My first initial client was a law office called Zappettini & Bradley. I was referred to them by Erin Dealey, whose web site I did last quarter as a project. I met with them back in August and they were willing to work with me for this class that started in October.

After meeting with them and accessing their site needs, I put together a site architecture, and then I began wireframing.


I met with them again after the first refined wireframe, and we went over changes. Based on those changes, I came up with a second refined wireframe, and then I began design and development.



The the goal of the site was to give them an online presence that was very simple but professional, and through this design I feel like that goal was definitely achieved. Visit the live site at ZBLawOffice.com.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the quarter I was waiting for content and more feedback on the structure of the law office site, I worked on the side with Ashley, a Media Arts & Animation student, who was getting ready to graduate and needed a web site for her portfolio. Luckily she had something already put together on a different site, but she wanted better control of it. My teacher and I convinced her to get her own hosting and use WordPress to manager her site. I showed her an article featuring 21 Amazing Free WordPress Themes and she chose the Shuttershot theme.

ashley-nichole design

Due to portfolio requirements in her department we had to deviate slightly from the original functionality of the theme, which was having a slideshow of her work as the background, but in the end we made it work.