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Cristina Robinson for Best Design at the 2012 Next Talent Awards #thelovelygeek


A Lovely Achievement

Last night was the 4th Annual Next Talent Awards, in which students at The Art Institute of California – Sacramento are recognized for their outstanding work. Up until this year it was primarily a film festival for the film students with honorable mentions going out to the other departments. This year they decided to get… Read more »

Graduation from The Art Institute of California - Sacramento, 2012 #thelovelygeek


Big Things Coming Up

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I’m roughly two weeks in to my “freedom” as I just graduated college and am trying to settle into full-time work mode. Still, there are things happening on the domestic side of my life. Joshua and I are starting the home-buying process. Right now we’re working on… Read more »

LovelyGeek.net, 2012


Spring Portfolio Show

After many quarters of watching my friends participate, it was finally my turn to be in the quarterly Portfolio Show. When you’re a graduate in the portfolio class, part of the requirement is to participate in the show. You get to stand at a table with your web site up on the TV for 4… Read more »


Digital Typography

In Digital Type, we had two projects throughout the quarter. The first was a type blog, and the second was a design for an alternate industry. Type Blog The type blog assignment began by us doing some research and pitching a blog idea on two typeface designers of our choice. I chose John Baskerville and… Read more »

computer based training


Computer-based Training

Normally the Computer-based Training class is just another class to learn more WordPress, but considering there were only three of us in the class and we know WordPress, we actually did computer-based training. Go figure. ๐Ÿ˜› We started out the quarter by giving speeches and presentations that had nothing to do with our industry as… Read more »

LovelyGeek Logo v2


Portfolio 2

After taking Portfolio I back in September and watching my friends graduate, it was finally my turn to take Portfolio II. Portfolio I/Portfolio II are required classes students take their last quarter right before they graduate. If youโ€™re in the associates program, Portfolio I is the only one you take. If youโ€™re in the bachelorโ€™s… Read more »

senior project studio


Senior Project Studio

Like Senior Project Development, this class required taking on a real life client for a web project. For Senior Project Studio, I took on two clients: River City Pool Care and Sundance Embroidery. Sundance Embroidery Sundance Embroidery is an embroidery shop located in my hometown. The business is primarily known as the go-to place for… Read more »

winter portfolio show


Winter Portfolio Show

Yesterday I went to my school’s quarterly Portfolio Show not only as a student but as an industry professional through my work. Looking forward to graduating with these guys in June! Check out the work of this quarter’s web designers: Anthony Aguayo Leslie Alcala Michelle DeLarge Lindsay Eskildsen Elliot Prestwich I can’t believe in 12… Read more »


Database Concepts

For my Database Concepts class our final was to build a photo gallery site . I created a small site called Photolicious. I created a similar photo gallery a few quarters back as a small project for Interface Design class, but this time I took the design and build further. Users have the ability to… Read more »