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My UI/UX Designer Toolkit #thelovelygeek


My UI/UX Designer Toolkit

When the results came out for the Design Tools Survey last year it was really interesting to see what the industry standards were and how I as a designer compared. In my industry, it’s so easy to fall behind, so I’m happy to see I’m right on track. Here’s a look at what’s in my… Read more »

LovelyGeek.net, 2012


Spring Portfolio Show

After many quarters of watching my friends participate, it was finally my turn to be in the quarterly Portfolio Show. When you’re a graduate in the portfolio class, part of the requirement is to participate in the show. You get to stand at a table with your web site up on the TV for 4… Read more »

senior project studio


Senior Project Studio

Like Senior Project Development, this class required taking on a real life client for a web project. For Senior Project Studio, I took on two clients: River City Pool Care and Sundance Embroidery. Sundance Embroidery Sundance Embroidery is an embroidery shop located in my hometown. The business is primarily known as the go-to place for… Read more »

coding less


Coding With LESS

Recently I’ve begun messing around with LESS. I was kind of forced into it because we’re starting to use it at work, and in order for me to edit those sites I need to know what I am doing. My coworker pointed me to a few articles to help me get started, plus Developer Drive… Read more »


Database Concepts

For my Database Concepts class our final was to build a photo gallery site . I created a small site called Photolicious. I created a similar photo gallery a few quarters back as a small project for Interface Design class, but this time I took the design and build further. Users have the ability to… Read more »

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Advanced Web Based Programming

In my Advanced Web Based Programming we worked with PHP/MySQL and ultimately learned how to create a full blown membership site. Every week we learned a new technique which led up to having the necessary back-end parts for our membership site. Then it was just a matter of us choosing the kind of membership site… Read more »