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My UI/UX Designer Toolkit #thelovelygeek


My UI/UX Designer Toolkit

When the results came out for the Design Tools Survey last year it was really interesting to see what the industry standards were and how I as a designer compared. In my industry, it’s so easy to fall behind, so I’m happy to see I’m right on track. Here’s a look at what’s in my… Read more »


My Design Projects for 2017

Today I thought I would share some of the UI/UX projects I’ve worked on this year at Three29. I tend to have to keep things under wraps until they launch, but looking back on this year we’ve actually launched a bunch of projects. Here’s what I’ve designed that’s launched… ESM Prep Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber… Read more »

#thelovelygeek launching soon


The Lovely Geek

Hello, friends! You may have noticed it’s been a little quiet around here lately. That’s because I’ve been busy behind the scenes working on my new blog for quite some time. I’m happy to finally announce a launch date for TheLovelyGeek.com: Monday, September 5. Everything will switch over then. I’m signing off for now, but… Read more »