Professional Practice for Multimedia

One page site design for a fictional spa

My Professional Practice for Multimedia class was all about the legal aspects of being a freelance web professional. This class was very helpful, and I’m actually quite surprised it is strictly a bachelor’s class; I feel this is one of the few classes that should be required for both the bachelor’s and associates program seeing as majority of associate graduates go on to become freelancers.

We had a lawyer come in to do a few guest lectures, and towards the end of the course she even helped us put together a contract. We also learned about copyrighting, business laws, and project proposals.

My teacher had us do a micro-site (we chose the topic randomly from a hat) and along with creating the site we had to treat it as though it was a real life client, complete with a contract and project proposal. For my project, I had to put together a one-page spa web site encouraging people to call to book a spa package while including a list of services, testimonials, and some interactivity (such as jQuery).

One page site design for a fictional spa