Interface Design

ErinDealey.com 2011

For my Interface Design class we worked with WordPress the whole time. Most of the stuff I already knew, but I picked up a few new tricks here and there. Our final project was to design a blog in WordPress, and I was able to use a current client’s site for my project. She had two blogs, so I was able to import them all into one using WordPress.

From 1999 to 2004 I went to Sugarloaf Fine Art’s Camp, where I majored in Theatre, Band, and Choir. The theatre teacher, Erin Dealey AKA Drama Mama, is a children’s book author outside of camp, and we talked about her web site a couple months ago at my sister’s play. Her web site hadn’t been updated in years, so she wanted a fresh design with a way to update the content herself. Naturally, WordPress was the perfect fit!

I put together a project proposal suggesting we use WordPress to manage the site. Erin helped with the creative direction for the design, suggesting, “A teacher’s desk–with my books on it, and a lesson plan folder, a photo frame (for the gallery), an apple (for Teachers), etc…” With that I sketched out a design, bringing it into Adobe Illustrator and eventually into Adobe Photoshop to completely design.

Erin Dealey sketch

After trying various combinations of color and typefaces, we agreed on a solid design.

ErinDealey.com 2011