It’s Go Time! The New Lovely Geek is Here!

Web Design

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  1. Carolynne says:

    Everything looks great! I love the simplicity. However, I do admit I miss seeing dates on each post on the front page. Awesome job, Cristina.

    • Cristina says:

      Thanks, Carolynne! I chose not to have the dates on the front page because I didn’t want it to hurt the impression of my content being stale or out-of-date. I’m curious, how do you see value to having the dates on the homepage? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Melissa says:

    Super beautiful! Love the colors and clean design <3

  3. Georgie says:

    I love the new look! Very fresh and clean. I did actually like the colourful look before… honestly I wouldn’t change a thing about my blog if someone hated the colour 😆 But I can understand the *eep* feeling you might get when someone gives you that kind of feedback!

    I kind of took the focus off too much colour on my blog too, haha. My intention wasn’t really to allow the visuals to stand out, but simply embracing a simple look. 😄

    Your colophon made me realise I didn’t put any technical details into how I built my theme haha. I might go and edit my post 🙈

    Also love that we published a new look to our blogs at pretty much the same time!

    • Cristina says:

      Thanks, Georgie! Haha didn’t we do this last time around too? I feel like when I launched my site two years ago you had launched a redesign right before I did. 😆