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Front Door Painted St. Lucia Teal by Benjamin Moore


Painting the Front Door

Two Fridays ago I showed you our new front door, and here’s how it looks after a fresh coat of paint… Saturday morning I went over to The Paint Spot and picked up two quarts of paint: Benjamin Moore’s St. Lucia Teal for the front and a white semi-gloss by Pittsburgh Paints. Joshua helped me… Read more »

New front door from Lowes


A New Front Door

Today our new front door was installed! It looks pretty! Our previous front door had some swelling issues ever since we moved in, and recently it got so bad to where we couldn’t lock the deadbolt. We’ve tried trimming the door (it’s solid wood) to make it fit, but eventually we realized that the door… Read more »

New Sofa and Coffee Table #thelovelygeek


New Living Room Setup

Our new sofa arrived on Wednesday, and in addition to that we got a new coffee table! Since we moved, we’ve been using two fairly beat-up IKEA LACK tables. We decided once our new sofa showed up we’d get a new coffee table. We had our eyes on the STRIND Coffee Table in white, and… Read more »

Entryway at Nana's house


The Entryway and Hallway

Behold, the finished entryway and hallway! This is the first thing you’ll see when you walk in our front door. This is the view from the living room. The pictures are from each of the high school dances Joshua and I attended together: Winter Ball, Sadies, and Senior Prom. Before Boy has the entryway come… Read more »