Painting the Front Door

Front Door Painted St. Lucia Teal by Benjamin Moore

Two Fridays ago I showed you our new front door, and here’s how it looks after a fresh coat of paint…

Front Door Painted St. Lucia Teal by Benjamin Moore

Saturday morning I went over to The Paint Spot and picked up two quarts of paint: Benjamin Moore’s St. Lucia Teal for the front and a white semi-gloss by Pittsburgh Paints.

Joshua helped me remove the hardware and after a couple episodes of Property Brothers played in the background, my two coats of the front of the door were done.

The front of the door is painted! Benjamin Moore's St. Lucia Teal #lovehome #diy

I don’t know if the fact it was 100+°F out or what, but the Benjamin Moore paint went on so smoothly! I was very impressed, and I can see why everyone is such a big fan of this paint.

Painted Front Door


I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t sure I would like the colour of your new door before you painted it. However, the end result looks great! I do like the colour very much. I can’t say I could ever use the BM brand though. Peter is manager at General Paint (who are owned by Sherwin Williams) so I will always buy paint from them, no matter what. I think they have wonderful products anyway.

You know, I kinda felt the same way at first, especially after I went and got the paint sample. Once I put the actual color on the door I felt confident in my color choice

I’d probably use Sherwin Williams, but the paint shop I went to for Benjamin Moore is super close to my house compared to Sherwin Williams (about 10 miles or so away).

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