A New Front Door

New front door from Lowes

Today our new front door was installed! It looks pretty!

Our previous front door had some swelling issues ever since we moved in, and recently it got so bad to where we couldn’t lock the deadbolt. We’ve tried trimming the door (it’s solid wood) to make it fit, but eventually we realized that the door frame and door itself were never properly installed to begin with.

Current Front Door

You can see that our attempts to trim it have left us with a few gaps which is not great with the hot summer heat right now. We decided that it would be best to get a brand new door, one that’s fiberglass to prevent warping and a new frame.

We spent a couple weekends checking out a few local places that sell doors/windows, and we ultimately landed on this one from Lowe’s.

Joshua with our new front door!

After we picked out our door we set up a time for Lowe’s to come out and accurately measure our door frame for the install. Once the measurements got back to the store, we paid for our door and installation. About 24 hours later we got a call to setup a time for our install.

And today, the door was put in!

New Front Door

New Front Door

I also ordered a shiny new handle for it off eBay which arrived yesterday, just in time for the new door to be installed.

Society Brass Collection 858w 15 Hawthorne Handleset Made By Kwikset

Since the door comes primed, I had to start thinking about what color(s) I wanted to paint it. After looking at some Pinsteration I knew I wanted to go for a light turquoise for the front.

The two colors I was leaning towards: Wythe Blue or St. Lucia Teal, both by Benjamin Moore. Last weekend I checked out a paint shop a couple miles away from my house that carries Benjamin Moore paints to get the swatches.

Up until this point we’ve always been close to Home Depot and/or Lowe’s, so that’s where we’d always get our paint. Shops that carried Benjamin Moore ‘nearby’ were few and far between, so it always bummed me out looking at other blogs/Pinterest where all the paint colors were by Benjamin Moore. Now, there’s a place closer to my house than Home Depot/Lowe’s is, so I’m happy I can finally use Benjamin Moore colors in my house!

We decided we’re going to go with St. Lucia Teal, so we’ll be doing the painting next weekend.

New Front Door