End of the Weekend Accomplishments

My Organized Closet #thelovelygeek

Got a lot of stuff done today! To start with, Joshua repainted the entryway. It was a lighter color before (same as the dining room and hallway), but I wanted a dark contrast after falling in love with the dark color used on my hallway stripes.

Repainted Entryway

After that, I tidied up the house while he continued trying to get the epoxy and old flooring off in the garage. We later went out to run a few errands, which included a trip to Best Buy for speaker solutions and Lowe’s for epoxy remover.

While Joshua set up the speakers (we got a wireless conversion kit), I went to work on organizing my closet. It went from this:

Messy Closet

To this:

My Organized Closet #thelovelygeek

Yay for organization and cleanliness!

Now, as the weekend comes to a close, we officially have the entire inside of the house painted. Next on our list? Painting the garage!