How We’re Handling Lockdown 2020

A lot of people have been checking in with us to see how we’re doing. Long story short: we’re doing just fine. 😌 We have plenty at home to keep us occupied plus we’re natural homebodies.

Communication with our friends and family has relatively stayed the same, although it’s been hard for my parents who are at home going stir-crazy that they can’t drop by to visit their grandbaby.

I personally fall into the group of people that have zero issues staying in on lockdown. My life pre-lockdown has a lot of similarities to life right now. I’m a freelance web designer, so I already work from home with no childcare. I go out as little as possible because going anywhere with a baby is a challenge. I’ve definitely embraced the order online/delivery life, so I get as much as I can sent to my door. Lily and I have a pretty good day-to-day routine established, so we’ve just continued to live our lives.

Joshua, however, is still working because he is considered an essential employee. He’s a technician for Mercedes-Benz, and since people still need to use their cars he is there to service them. Business has drastically dropped, so his schedule shifted to working Monday through Friday (as opposed to his old Tuesday through Saturday schedule) every other week.

This week he is at home, so he’s been getting in as much Lily time as possible while also building a new server rack! πŸ€“

As for me, I’ve been spending most of my time working on my business. At the beginning of March, I was lucky to attend Alt Summit right before all the lockdowns went into effect, so when I came home I was on a learning high.

I attended my friend Tirzah’s YesHoney Creative Entrepreneur Mastermind Brunch, where it solidified some of my takeaways from Alt Summit in addition to learning some new tidbits.

I also finally purchased Nesha Woolery’s Organize & Automate Course which I’ve been meaning to do since last year. It came with a bonus course on learning Dubsado and let me tell you it has been a total game-changer for my business. It’s a fantastic CRM and project management system all-in-one, and I wish I started using something like this a lot sooner!

I’m in the process of moving all of my clients over to Dubsado as well as getting my proposals, contracts, and packaged services all setup. I’m definitely not slowing down with quarantine!

While I’ve tried to remain positive (and grateful) throughout all this, I will admit there have been some downsides.

  • Our April trip to Disneyland is canceled. We were planning on going for Dapper Day, but since the parks are closed until further notice we’re hoping we can try for November.
  • My sister is graduating from her master’s program in May, but they’ve moved the commencement ceremony to December.
  • I was supposed to have a brand photoshoot done two weeks ago, but that is on hold until sheltering is lifted.
  • We won’t get to celebrate Easter with my family.
  • I can’t attend my local yoga classes.
  • Deliveries online for groceries, household items, etc. are getting delayed because everyone is ordering online. Plus it’s hard to find certain things in-store due to people panic-buying. Good thing we just happened to stock up on toilet paper in February before all of this became a huge deal.
  • Money is a little tight 😬

All things considered though, we’re very fortunate to be doing as okay as we are. Sure there are some hiccups but it’s all for the greater good of flattening the curve. Until then, #StayTheFuckHome! ✌🏼