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Lily Mae: 14 Months

This month Lily has been cruising non-stop. She hasn’t started walking/standing entirely without support yet, but she is practicing on her own. Almost daily I catch her leaning against furniture without holding onto anything and trying to gain her balance. She’s also figured out how to climb the stairs and reach for door handles. Her… Read more »


How I Work From Home With a Baby

Ever since Lily was born I’ve been working from home building my little web design business. When COVID hit and forced people to work from home it was business as usual for us. However, many were struggling to balance working and having their baby at home. Recently one of my sister’s friends asked on Instagram… Read more »


Lily Mae: 13 Months

Last month she was busy pulling herself up to standing and this month it’s been all about cruising (walking while holding onto furniture/structures for support). I don’t put her in any kind of containers, so she is free to move around and get comfortable with standing/walking/falling all on her own. Her vocabulary is expanding every… Read more »


Lily Mae: One Year

Today’s the day. My baby girl is ONE. I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by! It doesn’t feel like a year has gone by. I feel like I JUST had her. I remember where I was so clearly one year ago, and now being here a year later feels just as surreal… Read more »


Lily Mae: 11 Months

Lily is on the move! It’s official: she’s crawling! Lily kicked off the month of July going from rolling to crawling. It was so special to witness it firsthand, and it just reaffirmed why I’m doing what I’m doing to be home with her. Since she is on the go nonstop, we’re gradually baby-proofing around… Read more »


Lily Mae: 10 Months

June was another busy month for Lily! Her two top teeth came in, so now she has a total of four teeth. She’s also added many more words to her vocabulary: Hi/bye. She’ll wave while saying these too, and it’s so cute! Wow Why. I always try to give her an explanation when she says… Read more »


Lily Mae: Nine Months

Wow, a lot happened for Lily this month! Not only did she go through a major growth spurt, but she had TWO of her bottom teeth come in AND she’s rolling! I’ve pretty much stopped putting her in any kind of baby container and letting her roam (and roll) free. This little girl is going… Read more »


Lily Mae: Eight Months

Another month of quarantine with this little chunk! It’s crazy to think that we’re living through a time that we’ll never forget but Lily will never remember. All she knows in the present moment is that she is spending a lot of time with Mommy and Daddy. She’s been on more FaceTime/Zoom calls than riding… Read more »


How We’re Handling Lockdown 2020

A lot of people have been checking in with us to see how we’re doing. Long story short: we’re doing just fine. 😌 We have plenty at home to keep us occupied plus we’re natural homebodies. Communication with our friends and family has relatively stayed the same, although it’s been hard for my parents who… Read more »


Lily Mae: Seven Months

Seven months AKA the month we were quarantined but to her it’s just like any other month. 😂 No seriously, we’re quarantine rockstars because going anywhere with a baby is a huge thing, so I’ve embraced that delivery/order online life hardcore. Plus, I’m busy taking care of her and working on my business, so being… Read more »