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How We’re Handling Lockdown 2020

A lot of people have been checking in with us to see how we’re doing. Long story short: we’re doing just fine. 😌 We have plenty at home to keep us occupied plus we’re natural homebodies. Communication with our friends and family has relatively stayed the same, although it’s been hard for my parents who… Read more »

Searching for a New Desk Lamp #thelovelygeek


Searching for a New Desk Lamp

A couple weeks ago the Roomba ran over some cords in the guest room causing my little lamp on the nightstand to shatter. I decided to replace it with the owl lamp from my office seeing since the light is a lot softer, much better suited for a bedroom than desk. My desk is now… Read more »

My Mid-Century Modern Nerdy Home Office #thelovelygeek


Mid-Century Modern Nerd

I’ve been busy getting my office room organized and decorated so I could snap some photos of it. I’ve also managed to get the other side of the room (the one I’ve been avoiding taking pictures of since I painted it) tidied up as well. The desk is an authentic a mid-century modern Danish desk… Read more »