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Joshua and I had unofficially been looking at houses for about a year, but it wasn’t until summer of 2012 that we got the ball rolling with a mortgage company and real estate agent. We looked at several houses and soon found our new home – a 2,022 sq ft Ranch-style house built in 1986. We moved in mid-September 2012 and sold it February 2018.


Our House is For Sale

Today our old house went on the market! I’m so excited it’s finally for sale as it’s been a stressful couple of months trying to get everything done AND move into our new place. Most recently the exterior was completely painted, and that was a stressful experience because our original painter dragged out the job… Read more »


One Last Look: My Kitchen

We’ve finally checked off the portion of our selling the house to-do list to get matching appliances in the kitchen. I spent some time this weekend getting the kitchen squeaky clean, so I snapped a few photos. And here’s Bella creeping on me while I was taking photos. 😂 Next on the list: replace the… Read more »

Front of the House


Getting Our House Ready to Sell

While we are in the process of closing on our new house (YAY!!), we’ve consulted our ELP real estate agent on what we should do to get our house ready to sell. The good news there isn’t a whole lot we need to do; we’ve done a lot in the 5 years we’ve been here…. Read more »