An Ombre Nightstand for the Guest Room

Ombre Nightstand for the Guest Room #thelovelygeek

Two weekends ago I began work on painting the guest bedroom nightstand. I gradually worked on it each night throughout last week, and by Sunday morning it was back in the guest room.

Ombre Nightstand for the Guest Room #thelovelygeek

As I mentioned previously, the nightstand was left by the previous homeowners in the garage. Rather than toss it out or donate it, I hung onto to it with the intention of painting it.

The Garage

I started the process by removing all the hardware and sanding the surfaces for painting with a fine grain sanding block.

Painting the Nightstand

After sanding I wiped down the surfaces with some basic surface cleaner. Next I began the painting. First, I painted the frame with Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra Interior Eggshell Enamel in Ultra Pure White. I did one coat per day so it really had a chance to stick and did three coats total.

For the drawers, I got sample size pots of the following Behr colors: Subtle Touch, Gentle Rain, Porpoise, Creek Bend, and Amazon Stone. I did three coats on each drawer using a foam paint brush.

Ombre Nightstand for the Guest Room #thelovelygeek

Budget Breakdown

Although I had a $100 in Home Depot giftcards to spend on the project, here’s the cost of materials.

  • Nightstand (left behind by previous owners): $0
  • Foam paint brushes from Home Depot: $5.52 ($0.69 each)
  • 3″ Flat Paint brush (already had): $0
  • Paint from Home Depot: $29.54
  • Sanding block from Home Depot: $7.47
  • Nightstand makeover total: $42.53


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