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Simple DIY Command Center for Two People #thelovelygeek


A Command Center for Two

On Sunday with the help of Joshua I finally put together a command center/landing strip/whatever you want to call it! Planning When I started planning where to put one I originally thought it had to be in one of two places: In the entryway… Or where the bar cart is currently and relocate the bar… Read more »

No-Mantel Stocking Solution #thelovelygeek


No-Mantel Stocking Solution

Hanging our stockings has become a bit of a challenge in our house. We don’t have a mantel or anything close to resembling one. Last year I just hung my stocking and Joshua’s stocking on our shelves in the dining room. You could barely see them, and because of space I couldn’t hang up my… Read more »

Silhouette Vinyl Starter Kit


Breaking Out the Silhouette

Joshua had to take some online tests for Mercedes this evening, so after I played with the dogs for an hour (seriously, Tucker and Mr. Big are SO cute together) I decided to take out my Silhouette Machine. I’ve had this machine for almost two years, and tonight was the very first time I actually… Read more »

Old Dresser from my grandparents' house


Dressing Up This Dresser

One of the pieces I came home with from my grandparents’ house was this little dresser. It could definitely use a paint job and some new knobs. I still have leftover paint from when I did my ombre nightstand, but part of me wants to do something different. I’m just not sure what. Maybe a… Read more »

Silhouette Vinyl Starter Kit


Decal Projects

Well, there’s only one more wall to paint and then the entertainment room is done. Joshua got two coats on one of the walls, but he ran out of paint right after the second coat. Tomorrow, he’ll be heading over to Home Depot to get one more gallon to finish off the entertainment room. Making… Read more »