Senior Project Studio

senior project studio

Like Senior Project Development, this class required taking on a real life client for a web project. For Senior Project Studio, I took on two clients: River City Pool Care and Sundance Embroidery.

Sundance Embroidery

Sundance Embroidery

Sundance Embroidery is an embroidery shop located in my hometown. The business is primarily known as the go-to place for high school students to get their lettermen jackets; however their web site neglected to showcase that nor was there any indication that their site was the site for that business.

The challenge was to redesign the site in a way that marketed it both locally and online. It also had to highlight the other services the store offers besides embroidery.

The project started by the client filling out my client questionnaire, and that way I was able to assess their needs for the site. I also looked over the current site and made notes of anything I felt needed to be addressed in the redesign.

Then I met with the client in which we compared notes; turns out we were both on the same page about what needed to be done on the site. We also discussed the client questionnaire in greater detail, and I went over the design process. From there I wrote up a project proposal and we signed a contract.

Next I began assessing the current site further and put together a site architecture. This allows the client to see how the navigation of their site is set up. It also gives the client an idea of the content they will have to provide for all of the pages. Once the site arch was approved, I moved onto wire-framing.

During the wire-framing process, I sketched out four possible comps. After selecting the one that fit best, I put it into digital form to show the client. We made edits, and when the client was satisfied, I went into the design phase. The design phase involved adding colors, texture, imagery and setting type. Again, edits were made after client feedback, and then upon approval it was time to build the site.

I built the site on a special testing domain so the client could view the site, play around with it, etc. and see how it would operate on a live environment. After two weeks of testing and edits, the site was ready to be pushed live. You can view the live site at www.ClickSundance.com.

River City Pool Care

River City Pool Care

River City Pool Care is a new Sacramento-based pool cleaning company. Being a new business they had no online presence, so it was up to me to establish that for them. Like with Sundance, the client filled out the questionnaire and we met to talk about the goals of the site and fill out a contract.

My vision for the site was to be more imagery based and draw the user in, focusing on imagery that was geared towards the client’s target audience. The goal of the site was also to quickly let the user know the who, the what, and the where while making it easy to contact the client for additional information. The client also want to be able to provide current promotions as well as educating their users.

I went through the same process with the client as I did with Sundance. I put together a site architecture, wireframe, design, and then went into build. The site was built so that the client can update things on their own in the future. You can view the live site at www.RiverCityPoolCare.com.