Tag: The Duplex

In December 2006 my grandparents gave Joshua and I the opportunity to live in a duplex they owned while I continued my education and Joshua worked at the local Mercedes dealership. We moved into the 1948 700 sq ft space in February 2007. Not only was this our first place together, but it was by far the most challenging.

The previous tenant lived there for approximately 10 years and practically trashed the place, so when we moved in we had a LOT of clean up and painting to do. We were so embarrassed of how the space was treated that most our before pictures were taken after we started working on improvements. The space definitely could have used a complete remodel, but we did what we could with the funds and experience we had.

After we moved out in May 2009, the next tenants were able to do some of the remodels that were needed – kitchen and bathroom remodels; after they moved more improvements were done such as new windows, new floors throughout the entire house, and all new paint on the walls.