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In December 2006 my grandparents gave Joshua and I the opportunity to live in a duplex they owned while I continued my education and Joshua worked at the local Mercedes dealership. We moved into the 1948 700 sq ft space in February 2007. Not only was this our first place together, but it was by far the most challenging.

The previous tenant lived there for approximately 10 years and practically trashed the place, so when we moved in we had a LOT of clean up and painting to do. We were so embarrassed of how the space was treated that most our before pictures were taken after we started working on improvements. The space definitely could have used a complete remodel, but we did what we could with the funds and experience we had.

After we moved out in May 2009, the next tenants were able to do some of the remodels that were needed – kitchen and bathroom remodels; after they moved more improvements were done such as new windows, new floors throughout the entire house, and all new paint on the walls.

If I could redo the duplex kitchen #thelovelygeek


If I Could Redo: The Duplex Kitchen

Do you ever think how you would do it all over again knowing what you know now? Sometimes through my mindless scrolling on Instagram I come across photos that make me think about how I would redo the places I used to live in. Case and point this kitchen by Tracey Tilley: I stumbled upon… Read more »

Duplex Damages


Damages to the Duplex

Saturday evening Joshua and I got to see the duplex we used to live in for the first time since the previous tenants were evicted. Seeing the place we started our lives together in trashed was heartbreaking. Joshua and I moved into this duplex owned at the time by my grandparents in February 2007. The… Read more »

Dwell bedding set from Target


Our Bedding Over the Years

When we moved into our first place, I wanted to do a Moulin Rouge/Paris type theme in the bedroom. I couldn’t really do pink, so a nice compromise was red. We got our bed and bedding all from IKEA because at the time that was all we could afford. From the very beginning Joshua was… Read more »

Visit to the Duplex


A Visit to the Duplex

I had been itching to go to the bay area with my mom but plans kept getting changed throughout the week. It wasn’t until the very last moment I ended up going to my grandparents Friday evening and coming home Saturday evening. During my stay we (my mom and I) went with my grandparents to… Read more »

Guest Bathroom: Before and After


Guest Bathroom Finished!

What a transformation! We went from this… To this… I fought rather hard with this bathroom, mainly because of it being so small. I wanted to go with a spa/bamboo/teak theme because it’s the only bathroom I’d be relaxing in due to the nice bathtub. I had wanted to get a bamboo spacesaver to go… Read more »

Front of the duplex


Going Going Gone

This weekend is our big and final move. We’re officially moving the rest of our stuff out of the garage and bidding the bay area adieu! We already have a new tenant lined up, and it turns out he’s a contractor who plans on redoing the entire bathroom and kitchen. I’m just happy to hear… Read more »

Packed up the real stuff today.


Spring Cleaning and Then Some

Spring is finally here and for a lot of people it brings on Spring Cleaning. My definition of Spring Cleaning this year has been packing everything up that I don’t need to use between now and the time I move. I started by packing up all my books, movies, and music, and eventually it led… Read more »


Cena Moves Dirt. Great Success.

This past weekend I was finally able to work on the yard. For the past few months it has either been too hot or too busy to work. I was able to make a dent in my Project Nice Yard on Sunday. Well, I started on Saturday, but Joshua being on roadside cut that task… Read more »