Pics of the Interior

The duplex in Larkspur, California

While the next step in the long line of projects for our house was suppose to be carpet, we discovered it’ll be three weeks before we get it. The fact they (Home Depot) has to order it from Georgia or somewheres is the main reason for it taking so long. While we’re waiting for the carpet, we’ll start on the kitchen, which I am extremely excited about!

I jacked my family’s good digi camera while visiting so I was able to take quality pictures of my house so you can see the extent of damage and disgust I have to live with.

The Living Room

Living Room Fireplace

Heater in the Living Room

Bathroom and Hallway Floor

Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Sink

Cracks in the tile.

The before picture of the bathroom


Pantry and Linen Closet

Before pic of bedroom

The before picture of the bedroom

The before picture of the walk-in closet

Closet Floor

Before pic of office/guest room



The Kitchen

Fridge and Table

Kitchen Floor

Heading towards the garage..


Backyard Door

Backyard View

Backyard View

Backyard Fence and Gate

I was embarrassed to take these pictures in all honesty. My dad wanted to see pictures though, so I figured since I complain about the mess all the time I might as well post them here.

Comcast is due anytime now to do some cable work and I have more tweaking on the site to do. Ciao!