Sneak Peak

The duplex in Larkspur, California

My grandpa was nice enough to arrange a visit for us to our duplex where we could actually take a look at the inside of the place. The tenant gave us some pretty good news telling us that not only would she be most likely moving out a few days early, but she would be leaving some things behind for us such as a washer & dryer and an old fashioned spice rack.

Overall, the duplex is awesome! The only thing that’s somewhat of a downside is that there is SO MUCH home improvement to be done. I have to repaint every single inch of that place because this lady does not know how to paint nor does she have any ounce of proper design within her. She painted the kitchen cupboards a bright aqua green (same with the hallway), the bathroom salmon pink, and the master bedroom crimson red. Yeah, gross!

Also, flooring has to be replaced, since the cement on our back patio has to be leveled out since it’s flooding right now. We have to get a new stove and a new water heater. Luckily grandparents will reimburse us for everything, it’s just going to be a lot of work. This is why Home Depot and IKEA is our best friends!