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Living Room Rug #thelovelygeek


Let’s Get a Rug (or Two)

It’s been an on-and-off topic for a few months, but I’ve been wanting to get a rug for the the bedroom and for the living room for quite some time. Ever since we replaced our wall-to-wall carpeting with laminate flooring a little over two years ago, it’s been a little louder and a little colder…. Read more »

Freestanding pellet stove in the living room #thelovelygeek


Going From Propane to Pellets

On Friday I mentioned on Instagram we had our pellet stove installed: Originally we had a propane stove that we took out and sold shortly before we got our new floors. The last couple of winters have been very pricey when it comes to propane usage; our furnace is propane powered, so we’ve been considering… Read more »

Accent Wall in the Living Room


Turquoise Accent Wall in the Living Room

Despite battling allergies-turned-sinus infection over the weekend, I managed to channel what energy I did have into getting some new paint up on the walls in the living room. Here’s what the space looked like before… Originally when we painted the living room we were rushed to get this done in time for our housewarming… Read more »

New Sofa and Coffee Table #thelovelygeek


New Living Room Setup

Our new sofa arrived on Wednesday, and in addition to that we got a new coffee table! Since we moved, we’ve been using two fairly beat-up IKEA LACK tables. We decided once our new sofa showed up we’d get a new coffee table. We had our eyes on the STRIND Coffee Table in white, and… Read more »

The Kitchen


Getting Things Done

February has been a busy month for us so far in the Robinson household! I think doing the January Cure all last month motivated us to get even more items checked off our project list and then some. When we were on the hunt for a new cooktop a couple weekends ago, somehow we ended… Read more »

Painting the Entertainment Room


The Last Room

Tonight when I got home from work, I found Joshua in the entertainment room beginning the last of the painting. I’m glad we’re finally tackling the painting because the entertainment room has been a mess of our stuff ever since we moved in. Josh has somewhat of an office space, but it’s surrounded by items… Read more »