Let’s Get a Rug (or Two)

Living Room Rug #thelovelygeek

It’s been an on-and-off topic for a few months, but I’ve been wanting to get a rug for the the bedroom and for the living room for quite some time. Ever since we replaced our wall-to-wall carpeting with laminate flooring a little over two years ago, it’s been a little louder and a little colder.

Oddly enough, when I first found out I was pregnant, one of my initial thoughts was, “Okay now we really need to get a rug!”

Cue dramatic video representation of our rug conversations.

Getting rugs for those two rooms was a little overwhelming because not only did I want to get the right style, but I wanted to get the right size. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I found several guides for choosing the right rug size, which allowed us to focus on style and color.

We started with the bedroom. Since we have a traditional setup, it was very easy to determine what size we needed based on the guides I found.

Bedroom Rug Guide found #onOneKingsLane

As for color and style, I wanted to keep it simple and cozy, so we decided a white 8’x10′ shag would be perfect. We picked one up at Home Depot and had it set up just in time to wrap up my weekend chore of cleaning the bedroom.

New bedroom rug!

The living room was a little trickier since the guides I found didn’t take into account sectionals, nor did we have a traditional setup. Instead, I looked at what the standard sizes were for rugs and based on that determined what size would fit our space. I already knew the style and design I wanted so it was a matter of finding it in the right size at a reasonable price. I found our living room rug on Wayfair.

New Living Room Rug

It’s pretty cozy in the house now, and the dogs love the rugs too. It hasn’t been too bad keeping them clean either, but it’s still early. We’ll see. 😉

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