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LovelyGeek.net 2011


Revamping Lovely Geek

For my Interface Design II class, I decided to use Lovely Geek as my mid-term and final project. As I mentioned at the end of Portfolio I, my site wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be. Here were the main goals I wanted to accomplish by the end of the quarter. Upgrade coding to… Read more »



Senior Project Development

This class is one of two I have to take before I graduate. I’ll be taking the other class, Senior Project Studio my last quarter. Both of these classes require us to have a real client project to work on for the whole quarter. I ended up with two clients for this class. My first… Read more »

Class Planner List


Multi-User Authoring

In this class we focused on app development, more specifically designing and developing a class catalog app. This app would allow Art Institute students to login, see what their current schedule is, what classes theyโ€™ve taken, what classes they still need to take, and everything needed to help them register for new classes. While the… Read more »

One page site design for a fictional spa


Professional Practice for Multimedia

My Professional Practice for Multimedia class was all about the legal aspects of being a freelance web professional. This class was very helpful, and I’m actually quite surprised it is strictly a bachelor’s class; I feel this is one of the few classes that should be required for both the bachelor’s and associates program seeing… Read more »

ErinDealey.com 2011


Interface Design

For my Interface Design class we worked with WordPress the whole time. Most of the stuff I already knew, but I picked up a few new tricks here and there. Our final project was to design a blog in WordPress, and I was able to use a current client’s site for my project. She had… Read more »

Theatre at the Mine


Intermediate Web Design

A couple weeks ago I wrapped up a real life/school project: the web site for my high school’s drama department called Theatre at the Mine. I initially began working on it long before it was a project option at school. When I found out our mid-term had to be a web site for an event,… Read more »

Robinson's Automotive - after (2010)


Programming Final

Throughout the quarter I learned many different new programming techniques to apply to web design, and for my Intermediate Web Programming final I had to create a web site using at least one of those techniques. I had been meaning to do a redesign of Robinson’s Automotive (my father in-law’s web site) for quite sometime,… Read more »

photo from unsplash.com


Nakie Day 2009

If you’re visiting my site today wondering where the heck did all my pretty style went, well it’s stripped. Today is the Annual CSS Naked Day, and I’m showing off my ‹body› ! So what is this day all about? It’s about showing off the bare bones of what truly makes a web site: mark-up…. Read more »

photo from unsplash.com


Nakie time!

My site has gone nakie for the day! I’m participating in the Annual CSS Naked Day in which all my styling has been stripped away. Woo!! *waves panties around* ๐Ÿ˜€