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A Roundup of My Favorite Screen Savers

Ever since I switched to Mac almost 10 years ago, I have been a sucker for elegant Mac setups and office spaces. Hence why @macsetups is my new favorite Instagram account to follow. It’s like design porn for me, I LOVE it! Perusing through the feed I’ve noticed that the most common question that pops… Read more »

Macbook Pro


Traded in the Desktop for a Laptop

I finally got a MacBook Pro! Ever since I began doing freelance web work last Summer I’ve found that not having a laptop was beginning to be a big inconvenience for me, especially with school. Knowing the MBP lines were due for an upgrade, I saved and waited. Two Tuesdays ago the upgrades FINALLY happened… Read more »

100% Mac - no Windows


No Windows For Me

Yesterday I finally got my iTunes library 100% back to normal, which meant my next step was to go forth with installing Windows on it. I installed my printer driver, opened up Bootcamp, and printed out the 22-23 paged guide on installing Windows (my printer prints out the last page first, btw). So I take… Read more »

Shopping at Best Buy and Borders


Adventures in Geek Land

Today has been quite an interesting day! It kinda started with yesterday but still. Interesting. At least for me, anyway. I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not, but recently I finished ripping my entire DVD collection which amounted to 240GB! Yes, just for my movies. That doesn’t even include the rest of my… Read more »



A PC For Now

So I ended up returning my Mac. It wasn’t because of buyer’s remorse or anything, but it was because they upgraded it the next morning. Yeah, I bought my iMac on Monday night and Tuesday morning Apple announced they updated their desktop line. I had purchased the 20-inch which came with a 2.4GHz Intel Core… Read more »

Brand new iMac


Hello, I’m a Mac and Still a PC

The new excitement in my life is that I’ve finally gone Mac. Not 100% as I still have my laptop, but I figure I keep it awhile until I am confident enough to go Mac all the way. For the past few months I’ve been running into the same problems with my laptop that I… Read more »