No Windows For Me

100% Mac - no Windows

Yesterday I finally got my iTunes library 100% back to normal, which meant my next step was to go forth with installing Windows on it. I installed my printer driver, opened up Bootcamp, and printed out the 22-23 paged guide on installing Windows (my printer prints out the last page first, btw).

So I take all the paperwork, stack it, put a binder clip on it to keep it all nice and organized. I sit down and begin to read. I was planning on installing Windows XP since all I have are Vista upgrades and those won’t work; however my version of Windows XP has to already come with SP2. In other words, I can’t have an earlier version that would require updating it, which is all I have.

I am now faced with two options: spend $270 to get Photoshop and Quicken for Mac OR go buy Windows so I can install my programs. Hmm, Windows or Mac, tough decision! Obviously, I chose to go all Mac.

Through JourneyEd, a web site that allows full-time college students to get discounts on various computery and school things, I was able to get Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended for Mac for close to $200 (with tax). The only bummer is I have to wait for it to show up in the mail versus just downloading it from the web site. And since I’ve never ordered from this site I had to show academic proof that I am in school, so I have to wait for that to clear before my order ships. Still it beats paying $1000!

Quicken I was immediately able to download and use, no problem, which is good because I need Quicken waay more than I need Photoshop right now. Converting files from Windows to Mac was super easy! The set-up itself is a wee bit different than what I am used to in Windows, but as long as I am able to do everything I did in Windows on my Mac, that’s all that matters.

The only slight bummer about not being able to run Windows on my Mac is the fact I no longer can use my kickass software to rip DVDs. The bright side is Joshua is still planning on being a Windows user for awhile (he’s primarily a gamer, that’s why) so I’ll just be using his computer to rip DVDs.

Overall, I can say that I am really happy to be a Mac user. Everything is just so simple and the problems… there are none!