Traded in the Desktop for a Laptop

Macbook Pro

I finally got a MacBook Pro!

Ever since I began doing freelance web work last Summer I’ve found that not having a laptop was beginning to be a big inconvenience for me, especially with school. Knowing the MBP lines were due for an upgrade, I saved and waited. Two Tuesdays ago the upgrades FINALLY happened so I bought one taking FULL advantage of my student discounts!

I got the 15″ with the i7 processor. I sent it in to MyService and got the hard drive upgraded to 1TB (I have a large music and movie library). I also got a cute lil WALL-E decal from Etsy. Every time my Mac would start up I would say, “WALL-E is charged!” since WALL-E’s charge sound is the Mac boot-up sound. I was almost going to go with the Snow White decal just because it looked so cool, but Snow White isn’t exactly my favorite Disney princess (I can’t stand her voice, haha).

In addition to the MBP I got the 24″ LED Cinema Display for when I’m at home at my desk. Apple makes it super easy to dock a laptop, so I got the BookArc; however I am seriously considering a Henge Dock once they become available for the new line. I’m also trying to get a hold of some JBL Creature II white speakers.

So far I’m pretty happy with my set-up. 🙂