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If I could redo the duplex kitchen #thelovelygeek


If I Could Redo: The Duplex Kitchen

Do you ever think how you would do it all over again knowing what you know now? Sometimes through my mindless scrolling on Instagram I come across photos that make me think about how I would redo the places I used to live in. Case and point this kitchen by Tracey Tilley: I stumbled upon… Read more »

Our Kitchen Remodel #thelovelygeek


The Big Kitchen Reveal

We’ve been pretty busy these last couple months and for good reason: our kitchen got a facelift! Today, I’m so excited to share it with you, not to mention to finally say IT’S DONE! You guys, it looks SO GOOD! I can’t stop smiling! Before Let’s start by taking a trip down memory lane, shall… Read more »


One Last Look: My Kitchen

We’ve finally checked off the portion of our selling the house to-do list to get matching appliances in the kitchen. I spent some time this weekend getting the kitchen squeaky clean, so I snapped a few photos. And here’s Bella creeping on me while I was taking photos. 😂 Next on the list: replace the… Read more »

The Kitchen


Getting Things Done

February has been a busy month for us so far in the Robinson household! I think doing the January Cure all last month motivated us to get even more items checked off our project list and then some. When we were on the hunt for a new cooktop a couple weekends ago, somehow we ended… Read more »

A Spot for the Mixer #thelovelygeek


A Home for the Mixer

It’s amazing how making a home for one item can help reorganize everything else. This was the case with my mixer. Ever since we moved, I’ve been struggling to find a place for my grandmother’s Kitchenaid mixer. While I love it death, I just can’t keep it on the counter like I want to. Instead,… Read more »

Made a spot for the microwave by cutting a small hole in the cabinet and using the outlet behind the fridge. #thelovelygeek


Recap and Microwave Hack

We’ve been so busy this last week trying to get the house in decent shape for our housewarming party that I’ve been neglecting to post progress! So here’s what we’ve been accomplishing so far! The kitchen is fully painted. I hacked one my cabinets to make a spot for my microwave, since counter-space/outlets is limited…. Read more »