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Mr. Big the Dachshund


Mr. Big’s Adoptiversary

Yesterday marked Mr. Big’s 3 year adoptiversary. I can’t believe that it was 3 years ago I got to bring my baby weenie home! He was SO LITTLE! ♥ And now he’s a full-grown weenie!

Laundry Room Reveal #thelovelygeek


The Laundry Room Reveal

Today I am excited to show you my finished laundry room! Before When we first moved in we started with off-white walls and oak cabinets. We had to get an electrician in to put in the proper outlet for our dryer, so we rushed to paint the walls and ceiling. After that, we didn’t do… Read more »



Bella’s Fatty Liver Diagnosis

My nine year-old cat Bella has been the focus in our lives since the beginning of August. In July we started noticing a drop in energy as well as weight, and by the end of the month she was vomiting bile on a daily basis. Worried, I scheduled to bring her into the vet on… Read more »