The Laundry Room Reveal

Laundry Room Reveal #thelovelygeek

Today I am excited to show you my finished laundry room!


When we first moved in we started with off-white walls and oak cabinets. We had to get an electrician in to put in the proper outlet for our dryer, so we rushed to paint the walls and ceiling.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

After that, we didn’t do much else with the space. That is, until now.


Behold the after photos!

Laundry Room

Pantry Area

On the laundry side, we added two shelves and brought out all the laundry-related products to live there.

Laundry Room

Here’s a closer look at my ‘shelfie.’

Laundry Room Shelfie

It’s been really nice doing laundry and having everything readily available here within reach.

SnapPower Outlet Cover

The SnapPower Guidelights have also been a really nice addition to the space. I love coming out and creeping on the laundry room when the main light is off (the main light is motion-detected).

I got a new rug for the space as a way to bring in some color and texture. I originally got this rug with the intention of it going in front of the litter box cabinets, but it makes a better fit in front of the washer and dryer.

Washer, Dryer, and new rug

It’s a memory foam rug, so it’s super comfy to stand on while doing laundry. The animals like to sit on it too when they are waiting to be fed.

On the other side of the laundry room is the cabinet area where we have the command center, pantry, and litter boxes.

Command Station and Pantry

The rule of thumb is to have a litter box for every cat plus one. We have two cats, so we needed a spot that could accommodate three litter boxes. Since these bottom cabinets weren’t getting much use, I took the doors off, added some shelf liner, and made a spot for them.

Bella and The Litter Boxes

The countertop was stained and is home to our wine cooler and the cat food dishes.

Wine Fridge + Feeding Station

Here’s a glance of what it looks like with the main light off.

Wine Fridge + Feeding Station

There’s both under cabinet lighting as well as a SnapPower Guidelight behind the wine fridge. Originally I had some cat grass in a pot behind the cat dishes, but since there is pretty much zero natural lighting in the laundry room I opted for a faux plant instead.


Paint color – Aqua Smoke in eggshell by Behr from Home Depot
Countertop stain – Varathane Stain + Poly in Kona semigloss from Home Depot
Over-the-door iron holder – Thrift store
Litter boxes – Target
Outlet covers – SnapPower
White board – Office Max
Key Rail – Target
Mail organize – KVISSLE wall magazine rack from IKEA
Wine Cooler – Crate & Barrel
Drawer and door hardware – Home Depot
Faux plant – HomeGoods
Cat feeder – HomeGoods
Wire baskets – Target (I can’t find the exact one on their site, but I got it from the bath section)
Penny Jars – Target
Stain pens holder – An empty candle from West Elm that I clean out and repurposed
Wash/Fold/Repeat sign – HomeGoods
Rug – HomeGoods
Under cabinet light – LEDBERG LED 3-piece light strip set from IKEA

With a little bit of organizing and a lot of paint I was able to brighten this dark, dated space into an area that actually makes me happy to do laundry in. And of course, special thanks to Joshua for putting up the shelves, installing the SnapPower and under cabinet lights, putting on door and drawer hardware as well as putting the doors back up after they were painted.

The Photobombing Weenie

And to wrap up this post, here’s Mr. Big creeping on me while I took photos of the laundry room.

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