Nursery | One Room Challenge Week 4

#OneRoomChallenge Week 4 Nursery Progress

Two weeks away from the finish line and happy to report we’ve made a lot of progress!

ORC Week 4 Progress

Joshua built the crib this weekend, and we moved the daybed downstairs. Since I can’t do any heavy lifting we took advantage of my sister being in town for the holiday in order to help bring the daybed downstairs and the crib upstairs.

My sis and I made a couple trips to Target on Saturday where I bought a few of the big ticket things such as:

The sound machine I wanted was sold out, so I’ll be picking that up at another local Target this weekend.

I ordered a super cute mobile from Urban Outfitters, which I can’t wait to hang now that the crib is in place. Definitely doing that this weekend as well.

Urban Outfitters Moon Phase Mobile

A few other things that are on the way are:

  • A hamper, but it’s coming from China so it might not arrive in time for the reveal. Always has to be something, right? πŸ˜†
  • Baskets, arriving tomorrow
  • This adorable clock 😍, scheduled to arrive this weekend. I stumbled upon an it’s a small world inspired nursery and really wanted to incorporate something from one of my favorite attractions.
  • Curtains, arriving next week

Our plans this weekend are to find a chair, put up bookshelves and artwork, and start bringing this whole room together!

#oneroomchallenge 2019

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