Nursery | One Room Challenge Week 5

#OneRoomChallenge Week 5 Nursery Progress

It’s the homestretch now! This is the week where everything is finally coming together, but I don’t wanna show too much cuz I don’t wanna spoil the reveal.

Last weekend our main goal was to get a glider. We went to several different stores, tried out a bunch of different ones, lamented over how expensive a lot of them were, and came full circle to one at Target well within our budget.

In addition to the glider, we hung the mobile, put up bookshelves, and started placing various items as they showed up in the mail. It’s been a very busy week for deliveries.

I also took quite the trip down memory lane as I started going through all of my old baby stuff. Some of those things I’ll be incorporating into the nursery which I’m really excited about. 🥰

My final project aside from staging and styling is creating a gallery wall above the crib. I have the layout all mapped out and have started creating artwork, a few pieces you can catch on my Instagram stories.

Other than that, I’ve got a lot to do! Stay tuned for next week when my nursery is revealed!

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