Nursery | One Room Challenge Week 3

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We’re halfway through the ORC and unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot to show at this point. 😬 The crib arrived Tuesday, but we won’t be putting it together until after this weekend since my sister is visiting for Easter.

One of the things I did start to do was clear out everything (minus the daybed) that isn’t going to be there for the nursery. This included extra air mattresses and all the containers of toys that my niece plays with when she comes to visit. Now the only items that are in the closet are strictly for baby.

All set with newborn onesies!

My sister got these super cute clothing dividers off Etsy, so I’ve been starting to hang up the clothes I’ve received so far with the help of baby hangers that I picked up from HomeGoods. Baby’s pretty set on newborn onesies. πŸ˜‰

Other than that, I’m continuing to buy/order things off my initial checklist, so I can start putting the room together.

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Georgina Camillo-Chamberlain

Love the color of the walls!
Tip: you can NEVER have enough onesies!!

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