Nursery | One Room Challenge Week 2

In order to get myself a little more organized as I take on the challenge of putting together the nursery, I spent this past week working on my baby registry. We went to BuyBuyBaby and Target over the weekend so we could actually see things in person, such as cribs and gliders, and get a better sense of what we wanted.

Out of everything on my registry so far (I’m still adding to it), I tried to differentiate what I need for the actual nursery itself vs what I need for baby in general. The latter can be taken care of via baby shower. πŸ˜‰

These are the items I’m going to try to tackle in the next six weeks!

We ordered our crib yesterday, so that way we hopefully don’t run into the same situation we ran into with the last ORC in which our daybed showed up a few days after the challenge was over. πŸ™ˆ Plus, I want to get that done and in ASAP so I can assess exactly how much room I have for a rocking chair.


When Joshua and I were house hunting in 2017, it was a few months after our 2nd pregnancy loss. In addition to that we were becoming increasingly frustrated with trying to find our new home (especially after the ordeal of the house we originally wanted already being in escrow).

On our last day of house hunting, we looked at a super cute house that was totally my style, but it had some downsides such as being in a neighborhood along a slew of electrical lines, small backyard, and no dining room. The one thing it did have was an adorable nursery.

Nursery inspiration

Nursery inspiration

I remember walking through that room and Joshua deliberately taking photos for future inspiration. That got me right in the feels. Even though we were still very fresh off our pregnancy loss, he knew that someday we’d try again. I love that he did that, and I never forgot. πŸ₯°

I’ve also been looking more thoroughly through Pinterest at inspiration.

I still haven’t quite landed on the direction I want to go, but I think a lot of it is going to come together as I bring in the items I know I DO want.

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