New Outfits for the New Year

My January 2018 Stitch Fix #thelovelygeek

Towards the beginning of the year, I received my first Stitch Fix box since my maternity one, and boy did my stylist nail it! It seems like every time I get a new Fix the clothes get cuter and cuter!

When I posted about this on Facebook, a friend of mine said, “Pics of you in an outfit.” So in an effort to show my face around here more 😬 here are some photos I snapped of me rocking my clothes.

My January 2018 Stitch Fix

My January 2018 Stitch Fix

My January 2018 Stitch Fix

I’ve worn every piece multiple times, and I’m looking forward to rocking that blazer for a speaking engagement coming up in a few months!

I just scheduled another Fix to arrive this month. I tend to put clothes shopping at the bottom of the priority list, so I’m trying to get a Fix in every quarter to keep my wardrobe fun and fresh.


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