My 2018 Spring/Summer Skin Care Routine

My 2018 Spring/Summer Skin care Routine #thelovelygeek

It’s been a long road to healing to my skin, and for the first time in a long time, I’ve noticed a huge improvement. The majority of my products are from 100% Pure as they tend to make my skin the happiest. Seriously, I’ve tried so many brands, and I’ve had the best luck with 100% Pure. Plus I’m fortunate to live only 30 minutes away from their store. 😬

AM Routine

My AM Spring/Summer Skin Care Routine

  1. I was my face with 100% Pure Lavender Seafoam Facial Cleanser using the 100% Konjac Sponge: Charcoal. They’ve discontinued this facial cleanser, so once I run out I’m switching to the charcoal cleanser I use in my PM routine.
  2. After patting my face dry, I’ll put on one pump of the Green Tea EGCG Protective Serum by 100% Pure.
  3. While I wait for my serum to absorb I’ll gently pat in 100% Pure’s Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. OMG this stuff smells HEAVENLY!!!
  4. Lastly I’ll wrap up with my 100% Pure Green Tea EGCG Protective Cream moisturizer. Between this and the serum, I’ve noticed a HUGE improvement with the texture of my skin! It’s also the only combo that doesn’t leave me feeling dry or greasy.

Bonus: If I’m planning on going to yoga in the evening and I’ve worn makeup that day, I’ll use Kaia Naturals Face Cleansing Cloths. It ties me over until after yoga when I can start my full PM routine.

PM Routine

My PM Spring/Summer Skin Care Routine

  1. If I haven’t removed my makeup already with the Kaia wipes, I’ll use One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover. Absolutely love this stuff, and it smells so good!
  2. When I wear makeup I double cleanse, so after removing my makeup I’ll cleanse my face with 100% Pure’s Charcoal Clay Cleanser.
  3. I try to exfoliate 3 times a week, so if it’s an exfoliation day I’ll use 100% Pure’s Acai Pulp Facial Scrub.
  4. If it’s a mask day, which I shoot for 1-2 times a week, I’ll either use 100% Pure’s Herbal Detox Mask or whatever sample I have on hand.
  5. Once my face is dry, I’ll squirt a couple pumps of the 100% Pure Fermented Rice Water Toner in my hands and pat that into my face, neck, chest, and back.
  6. For eye cream I’m currently using Whish’s Lifting Eye Mask which I got in my FabFitFun box awhile back. Once I finish this I plan on trying 100% Pure’s Retinol PM Eye Cream.
  7. And finally for my PM treatment, I massage into my face a small amount of 100% Pure’s Retinol Restorative Overnight Balm. A little goes a LONG way with this stuff!