Supplements I’m Taking During My Pregnancy

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After my second pregnancy loss, I made a ton of lifestyle changes for fertility and have continued to carry those into this pregnancy. I feel like they have made a world of a difference because overall this pregnancy has been pretty smooth (not counting all the emotional stuff I’ve gone through).

Not only am I working with new doctors this time around, but I’ve been working with an amazing nutritionist who has helped me heal my body (and soul 😌) from both my losses as well as manage my PCOS. They’ve been crucial to my pregnancy.

The key thing here is that I am working with someone and not just taking stuff because I found it in a blog post on the internet. What may work for me may or may not work for you, so if you’re in a similar boat I’d strongly recommend consulting your wellness team. I’m not handing out medical advice in any way, just sharing what has been working for me.

That being said, here’s a look at all the supplements and meds I’ve been on during my pregnancy.

Specifically for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Supplements

Other Supplements & Meds

Additional Supplements

These supplements have basically been part of my regular protocol from day one. I take them in addition to all the other stuff specifically for pregnancy. It’s a lot to swallow. 🤣

All the Standard Process supplements, as well as my FoloPro, are acquired through my nutritionist. Everything else can be bought on Amazon or elsewhere.