Nakie Day 2009

photo from unsplash.com

If you’re visiting my site today wondering where the heck did all my pretty style went, well it’s stripped. Today is the Annual CSS Naked Day, and I’m showing off my ‹body› !

CSS Naked Day 2009

So what is this day all about? It’s about showing off the bare bones of what truly makes a web site: mark-up.

I also wish to quote Melly as she made some good points about joining us in the buff!

Oh and not to censor anyone or anything, hehe, but I’d rather not see comments going on about how you can’t LIVE without your pretty colors and images and whatever or you’re “too scared” to turn off your design or worried about your visitors not EVAR coming back, oh noes! If you think you’ll have a panic attack just by turning off your stylesheet for a few hours, then you may want to consider trying to make it a goal to have your site look sexy at the code-level. It’s not just about the shiny-ness. 😛

I’m not going to judge or persecute you if you don’t participate in this year’s CND, but I think the only remotely valid reason for not doing so is that you’re just lazy. 😉 Oh, but you can’t really use that as an excuse either because there are several plugins and other tools you can set up on your site to automatically take care of everything. 😉

Totally true, as I am using the WordPress Naked Day Plugin that simply strips my site every year on April 9th. It works in the background and it’s beyond easy to use!

So, join us! I did this in 2007 and 2008 and will continue to do so to spread the message of sexy coding. Woo!