I’m Officially a Pinterest Addict

Addicted to Pinterest

I have now joined the Pinterest crowd! My membership was approved over the weekend, and since I was out of town for the majority of it, it wasn’t until last night I got to sit down and do some pinning!

Why did I join Pinterest? Well, I’m used to most of the interior design blogs using Flickr to display images on their blog which allows me to keep track of all my favorite images on Flickr. Problem is not everyone uses Flickr, mainly the people who have Blogger blogs (they just upload their pictures), so when I find an image I’d like to “add to favorites” on a Blogger blog, I can’t. Now with Pinterest, I can “pin” any image I want!

Pinterest allows me to keep track of all my favorite images in one place, specifically stuff for the home. Since I mainly follow other fellow interior design lovers, it’s a great place to get inspiration. I’m already finding pictures of great spaces to use for my Re-Imagined Design series for my grandparents house.

Are you on Pinterest? You can find me on Pinterest as LovelyGeek. Oh, and I have 6 invites if you want to join. 🙂