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Google Reader


RIP Google Reader

Today is the day. Google Reader is now gone. I recently switched to Feedly (thanks Angela for the suggestion), and by far it’s my favorite reader. At one point I was using Reeder, but despite it being a beautiful interface, it made it difficult to share articles. Plus they’re not ready for today’s killswitch and… Read more »

Addicted to Pinterest


I’m Officially a Pinterest Addict

I have now joined the Pinterest crowd! My membership was approved over the weekend, and since I was out of town for the majority of it, it wasn’t until last night I got to sit down and do some pinning! Why did I join Pinterest? Well, I’m used to most of the interior design blogs… Read more »

The duplex in Larkspur, California


My own, my love…

I officially have high speed internet at my place! It’s all miiiiiine, my Precious! No more mooching off of neighbors weak internet or lugging my laptop around trying to find a free wireless signal. I finally have my own high speed internet! W00t! In the process of getting our cable set up, we have a… Read more »